“Piedra y camino”

. “El Terceto continues with their unique, enchanting meanderings.” (Clarín – 7/9/2003)

. “Two of a perfect trio. A manifesto of freedom.” (La voz del interior, Córdoba, Argentina – 15/9/2003)

. “El Terceto, a group with a cult following, has an arsenal of sounds capable of always captivating with surprise and an enormous intensity.” (Diario popular – 13/9/2003)

. “El Terceto, more El Terceto than ever, is always searching. The music is the end in itself. Freshness with their personal stamp.” (Página 12 – 27/8/2003)

· “An approach devoid of prejudice, jazz with essence and roots.” (La Prensa – 11/9/2003)

· “Jazz ias a language to generate their own musical language, using paths seldom explored: the exploration of rhythm in all its possible forms.”
(Revista Veintitrés – 11/9/2003)


“Tierra improvisada”

. "Tierra improvisada”. The entire album has a captivating beauty and Hernán Ríos pays homage to flexibility. Excellent.” (Clarín - 4/11/1997)

. "Tierra improvisada”, an unmissable work. Ríos’ piano achieves delicious climates.” (La Nación - 25/1/98)

. "Music without borders."EL TERCETO, a group that would give the First World quite a lot to talk about if the First World found out that they existed, released their recording debut with a brilliant result.” (Página 12 – 19/11/97



“Menos es más”

· “When they write the history of Argentine jazz at the end of this century, EL TERCETO will merit much more than a paragraph. “Menos es más”: One of the albums of the year. Excellent.”
(Rolling Stone – Anuario 1999)

· “MENOS ES MAS”. El Terceto opens new horizons, unusual for the canons of contemporary jazz.” (La Nación 29/8/1999)

· “EL TERCETO returns with “ MENOS ES MAS”. Quality and good taste.”
(Clarín – 20/7/1999)

· “Argentine jazz without a complex. “Menos es más”: El Tercetó has released another work that impresses. The group at times seems to be formed for the showcasing of the pianist, who has an incredible versatility.”
(Página 12 – 21/7/1999)

· “A possble language for Argentine music built from jazz.”
(La voz del interior – 26/7/1999)



· “Now centered in tango, the formula is irresistible. “Un mordisco negro” (Ríos) merits special attention.”
(Clarín – 19/9/2000)

· ”Tocatangó”, the third album by one of the most interesting, personal, and intense groups of these times. The result is, once more, magnificent.”
(Página 12 – 10/9/2000)

· One could say that “Tocatangó” contains actual bombshells, for the treatment they give the tunes and the originality of their chosen path. Extraordinary.”
(La Nación – 23/9/2000)




· “El Terceto, music of the highest quality that set the Saltillo audience abuzz. Three avant-garde Argentine musicians who keep faithful to their idea of freedom.”
(Vanguardia – Coahuila, México – 11/3/2002)

· “One does not see (nor hear) a case like that of El Terceto every day. From the first moment, El Terceto show themselves full-force, and the piano makes a show of mastery.”
(La Jornada – México D.F. – 24/3/2002)

· “The Argentine group El Terceto takes jazz out of its elitist clothing, and conquered the Saltillo audience, creating a metamorphosis of limitless reaching.” (Palabra – Coahuila, México – 11/3/2002)

· “Their popular jazz is surprising, a marvel. Hernán Ríos: an extraordinary pianist.”
(EL DIARIO” – Coahuila, México – 12/3/2002)



· “From Argentina, EL TERCETO brought an introspective and intellectually stimulating show, with the highest level of improvisation that only the greatest can reach.”
(Ultima Hora – Asunción, Paraguay – 11/9/2001)

· “The second day of the fourth Festival Internacional de Jazz de Asunción culminated with EL TERCETO, the surprise, the different note in the festival. Three musicians in full flights of ecsatasy, with a very particular style.”
(ABC Color – Asunción, Paraguay – 10/9/2001)



Live performance

· “El Terceto. When music takes flight. Excellent.” (La Nación – 24/12/1996)

· “Nowadays, El Terceto sounds with a richness as never before, ”. (La Nación – 2/9/2004)

· “El Terceto: a trio with deep, strong identity, genuine and brilliant maturity”. (La Nación – 5/9/2004)

· "Surprise: something new, without limits. Music embarked upon with a broadly free concept.” (Clarín – 10/4/97)

· “EL TERCETO, a group that is always ready to do something new.”
(La Nación – 21/7/2001)

· “El Terceto rediscovers our own jazz. Excellent.” (La voz del interior – Córdoba, Argentina – 11/10/1998)

· “A music full of subtleties. The power of the imagination, another notable performance by El Terceto.” (La Nación - 26/10/1999)

· "EL TERCETO has become a point of reference, classics in Argentine music.”
(Ambito financiero – 3/1/1998)

· “Get a ticket without hesitation. With the Teatro San Martín full, EL TERCETO plays music that comes directly out of emotion, with their own inimitable stamp on it.” (La Nación – 26/9/2000)

· “El Terceto: brilliant in their conceptual openness and their domination of the musical languages.” (La mañana de Córdoba – 12/10/98)

· "Eclecticism, impossibility to pigeonhole, variation of timbre, style, and freshness are all virtues of EL TERCETO.” (Ambito Financiero – 29/1/97)

· “EL TERCETO has their own sound, they reinvent jazz, tango and folklore with a deep conviction. Hernán Ríos is a pianist devoid of clichés.” (Clarín – 12/2/2002)

· “Jazz with a message of roots, authentic and magical in its performance, with an uncommon richness.” (La Nación – 24/9/2000)